We made it! 

It’s so good to have you here – whether we are just getting to know each other or working together for many years.

Elastique. lives from people like you. 
So don't be shy and get involved – with your impulses, ideas and commitment. That's how we create great things together.   

Simplicity. Clarity. Beauty. Fun. 

We are dedicated to the staging of brands and their innovations. It excites us to retell new topics and create unseen images in the process.

Elastique. productions and experiences never feel complicated, but simple, understandable and emotional.

They are always a little different because we test boundaries with every project! 

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Elastique. productions and experiences never feel complicated, but simple, understandable and emotional

We are different and we like it that way.  

We are creatives who are passionate about design, technology and innovation. Each in their own way, following their individual talent.

We think interdiscplinarily and work outside conventions to develop new forms of communication.

That’s why we celebrate an exchange at eye level, respectfully and with maximum support in the team – across the limits of gender roles, skin colors and languages.

We use flexible employment models to realize a career besides having a family. Because we want to combine the common pride in our work with the individual joy of a fulfilled private life. 

Our goal is to support employees in their professional and personal development. 

Thinking and acting sustainably. 

We want to become more sustainable and responsible with every step we take.  

From the coverage of electricity needs, over the selection of collaborations to our results: We strive for resource-saving realization and long-term use! 

For us, sustainability is not just climate protection in action – social aspects are equally important:
We live fair cooperation and put the team before profit. 

How we tick. 

We are authentic & loyal
We appreciate flat hierarchies and no alpha attitudes. 

We are courageous but respectful
We speak out loud about what we’re thinking and stand up for our ideas. We are always open and respect other opinions. 

We are committed & passionate.
Everyone is actively involved – because bright ideas get lost if you keep them to yourself. 

And what is the point?
We love what we do and want to contribute to a more beautiful and easier-to-understand world. It is our goal that everyone looks forward to coming to work. 
Life is too short for anything else. 

We keep asking ourselves: 
Did we push things (way) forward? Have we tried to find something new? 

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This is how we – usually – do it!  

For us, briefings aren’t set in stone. If tasks can be questioned, we do so – always constructively and cooperatively. 

We find and name the core of the issue and bring it to the point. 

With the help of a wide variety of perspectives, we create outstanding results. That’s why we work in an interdisciplinary way early in the project. 

We keep asking ourselves:
Did we push things (way) forward? Have we tried to find something new? 

With our clients we take a holistic view at tasks:
It’s not unusual for us to initiate far-reaching transformation processes in our clients' companies in this way. 

Our creative philosophy. 

An Elastique. work sets itself apart from other work.
We constantly measure ourselves against the best in the world. 

An Elastique. work has character.
It is entertaining, surprising or simply edgy. 

An Elastique. work is timeless and not contemporary.
We embrace new technologies, trends and current issues, but never use them as an end in themselves. 

An Elastique. work is aesthetic.
It is sensitively designed and has a progressive visual impact.  

An Elastique. work uses the right medium.
We work in a technology-agnostic way – and furthermore, choose exactly the channels which enable the best visibility for the result. 

We are never done. 

We are constantly developing ourselves and our culture, we are flexible and responsive to change.
It's exciting to see where the journey will take us. 

The ideas, designs and creations we generate, and the experiences we have along the way, will define us.