BMW Group – Trade Fair AR-Moment

Unusual use of Augmented Reality.

Lead trade fair communication & architecture: Meiré und Meiré.

ImageText 01 BMW Highlight AR

The challenge

In the context of the new creation of the "motion design style" for BMW, we spent a lot of time thinking about a meaningful and emotional use. How can you use motion design further than a 16:9 film? And at the same time combine it with modern technologies like Augmented Reality? The result: a fifteen-minute motion design, music and sound design dramaturgy that was complemented by an interactive "augmented reality moment". This unique constellation contributed to a very special atmosphere. For BMW and an automotive corporation, this was definitely a very unusual way to go.

„Taking the car itself and ultimately the brand not too seriously.“ 

ImageText 04 BMW Highlight AR

Playful approach

For the so-called "AR moment", a 5-minute part within the 15-minute motion design & film dramaturgy, we took the brand essence "JOY" literally. We developed a large-format Augmented Reality installation that playfully integrates every visitor into the scene. The 4K camera live feed and precisely matched, pre-rendered 3D animations created a perfect visual illusion. A very precise calibration process on site was of elementary importance: only if the real car exactly matched the renderings - which meant absolute millimetre precision - could the effect be cleverly staged.

„An extremely precise maneuver in a confined space.“ 

Video Making Of BMW AR