BMW Group – Media Installation

Innovative design of the trade fair media presentation.

Lead trade fair communication & architecture: Meiré und Meiré.

The Challenge

Our task was to develop a new visual motion design language that perfectly accentuates the mediatecture of the booth. The "joy of driving", also called "JOY" for BMW, should not be missing as an experience. An ambitious goal: turn the interactive installations into a "Talk of Show".

Materials from the cars exteriors and interiors formed into to hyper-real animated statements.

QuoteText 01 BMW Messe Ease

Our solution

We created a whole new approach: focusing on the feeling of the brand instead of heavily promoting new products, facts and figures. Selected materials from the car's exterior and interior were formed into hyper-real animated statements. The technical setup also gave us the opportunity to influence the overall mood of the booth: We created a fifteen-minute motion design, music and sound design dramaturgy that included relaxing and dynamic parts as well as a large scale interactive augmented reality moment. This way, the BMW brandmark "JOY" was integrated into the architecture and the "LED mediatecture" in an optimal way and could be felt by the visitors of the fair.

QuoteText 01 BMW Messe Boost

The fun and the feeling of the brandmark "JOY" was felt.

The result

The design study "BMW Concept 4", which was eagerly awaited by the visitors, was integrated successfully into the trade fair production. The result is a unique visual animation language for BMW, which scored very well in visitor surveys and at the same time differs from many other automotive motion design presentations.