Dornbracht – LifeSpa

A video that shows water in its purest form and conveys the beneficial effects of the Dornbracht wellness treatments. Designed and realised by Elastique. for Meiré und Meiré.

The spirit of water

Using calm, clear images and impressive slow-motion footage, the film shows what Dornbracht has perfected:
using water treatments to improve people’s wellness. The detailed shots and unique motion graphics for the active principle are thoroughly informative – yet still extremely aesthetic.

Production: The Marmalade

Motion graphics

A moving graphical layer visualizes the medical effects of water treatments in a way that is easy to understand whilst at the same time perfectly matching with the emotional visual concept of Dornbracht. We developed fine, almost iridescent, volatile particle systems that are layered over the body like flows of energy. This enabled us to visualize the hot/cold cycle of a Kneipp treatment, the activation of meridians along the back by the vertical shower and the uniquely soft feeling when a perfectly round drop of water - characteristic of Dornbracht - touches the skin.

Planning is everything. We use storyboards, animatics and 3D camera perspective planning to smoothly achieve a complex production such as this with an extremely tight schedule and in line with our high
quality standards.

Sarah Böckenhüser
Senior Art Director, Elastique.


Making of

The entire LifeSpa was built in a huge hall at Winkels Messebau for the two-day film shoot and a photo shoot.
An added bonus: after the shoots, the set was disassembled and then used as a central element of the Dornbracht booth at the leading trade fair ISH in Frankfurt.
A sustainable concept of use with regard to the optimised application of materials and budgets.