KRIZZL - Frame your Sketch

While the iPhone has not lost its reputation as the most beautiful smartphone, its uniqueness is gone. For those who have almost forgotten how to use pen and paper, KRIZZL delivers diversity and the chance to show off their analogue skills.

How it started

There are lots of good ideas that just have to be turned into a reality. This sentiment was shared by Moritz Halfmann at halfmannmennickheim when he came to us with the basic concept of Krizzl. Working together, we developed a truly wonderful product.

160323 Elastique Krizzl inSteps

Not only do KRIZZL iPhone cases prevent scratches, but they also stop you from growing up too quickly.Couch magazine

KRIZZL consists of a transparent iPhone case and a 40-sheet A5 block that is perforated in the middle so the removable paper fits perfectly into the iPhone 4 or 5 case (including 4s and 5s). Once coloured in, the pieces of paper are simply clipped to the back of the iPhone with the case.

You can change your iPhone case as often as you change your underwear! KRIZZL comes in a lovingly designed, environmentally friendly packaging, the illustration of which can be found on the first page of the block.

Ask the kids for a fresco if you can’t conjure up a miniature canvas yourself. Lovers can showcase their feelings with hearts. And students can write a shopping list for a fry-up. The analogue backs are eye-catching and prevent scratches, not to mention mix-ups at the pub!

Fans and collaborations

We often receive works of art from our fans. One highlight is the Krizzl by Brosmind, the wacky illustration duo from Barcelona! The artist Koen Vanmechelen and the Cosmopolitan Gallery in Belgium came to us with the wish to create an artistic KRIZZL edition for a good cause. And so the ‘Cosmologem Krizzl Edition’ was born. We have also created an edition for Sehsucht Hamburg – a case and block with an illustration by Sehsucht artists.

Buy KRIZZL has taken over KRIZZL sales. So click here to order KRIZZL for the iPhone4/4s and the iPhone5/5s.


Red Dot Award Honourable Mention

ADC Award Finalist