Mercedes-Benz - Design Packages

We developed multiple animated design systems to be used at international press conferences. With the flexible systems, Mercedes-Benz presents text, graphical content and videos in a coherent but also highly diverse way.

Recognisable and variable

Most Mercedes-Benz press conferences alter between electrifying show blocks and factual presentations. Mercedes-Benz wanted to give these events a recurring yet diverse basic structure and appearance. We were commissioned by Oliver Schrott Kommunikation to develop completely modular design and animation systems that make it possible to adapt a press conference, quickly and on-site, to the planned sequences. Product videos and explanatory graphics can be incorporated into the system quickly and effectively. The look remains consistent even on different media.

Designpackage 1

125! Years

We developed the design package for the 125th anniversary of the automobile, which was celebrated by Mercedes-Benz with the motto ‘125! Years of innovation’. In line with the increasingly sharp aesthetic language of the car models, the motion design also took on harder lines. Bright light effects on dynamically angular shapes and surfaces, choreographed to create an interplay between sound and rhythm, presented the theme of ‘travel’. In addition to presentation chart templates, we created a new 125-second countdown to elegantly and graphically frame the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

VStart 02 MBenz DP

Designpackage 2

Chrome, light and shade

This design package was the first of its kind at Mercedes-Benz, on which all design systems in subsequent years were based. It contained templates for all digital communication media such as data charts and full-video elements. The related press conference opener stages a countdown that is packed with suspense without seizing the limelight itself. Its minimalist design and high-quality gleaming-chrome aesthetics perfectly fit the brand. The transition of wandering light and shade on the chrome letters is derived from the sensation of looking at the badge on the rear end of a vehicle travelling through a lit tunnel. With music by composer Marius Ruhland and our sound design, it counts down to the opening of the event in spectacular fashion.


Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

iF Design Award