Mitsubishi Electric – Future Unlimited

An application that interactively stages Mitsubishi Electric's cross-selling concept and lets customers experience the brand's entire range in an entertaining way.

Connecting the five disciplines

With its five disciplines Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of products and components. They perfectly match to each other so that their enormous potential can be unfold in individual customer solutions. The application demonstrates that with Mitsubishi Electric, customers rely on future-proof and innovative solutions in all areas.

ME Crosselling Messeexponat WQuote 01

Interactive navigation and animations

Real-time 3D visualizations

4K quality

More than 70 linked products

and case studies 

Product experience in 3D worlds

For a visually exciting staging of Mitsubishis products and their cross-linking we’ve created abstract and futuristic 3D worlds under the name "Future Unlimited". Within these worlds business solutions of Mitsubishi Electric can be experienced in an interactive way. Different complex scenarios, animated with love for details, make the products more tangible. Furthermore, they give highly technological objects a very special character.

Simple and playful introduction to the areas

Using a start menu, visitors can navigate independently and intuitively through different specialist areas, such as Building Solutions and Automation, by touch. Simple turning and zooming allows visitors to discover new scenarios and details within the different theme areas. Further information on a product can be activated by hotspots in each scene. This content can be easily added and kept up-to-date via a content management system.

Flexible in use

The application was designed and developed for different purposes. In the form of a touch application, it can be used in a variety of ways - for events or as a trade fair exhibit, on a single 46'' screen or on a 4-screen wall. Our solution was so convincing that it is now an integral part of the Mitsubishi Electric brand exhibition. It can also be easily expanded for events with an Augmented Reality photo campaign.