Nikon - Photokina

Our media staging of the pixel waterfall, a spatial touch conceived by Gestalt Communications, was a major talking point at Photokina. We were also in charge of conceptualising, designing and producing various interactive exhibits.


Analogue meets digital

The ‘pixel waterfall’ of oversized cubes, lit from inside and flowing into a large LED wall, was the unmissable hallmark of the Nikon booth and produced in Nikon’s distinctly emotional ambience. The combination of programmed light animations and traditional motion design elements, paired with multichannel sound design, made visitors forget they were face to face with advanced technology. Instead, the scene provided an atmospheric framework for the numerous presentations and promotional videos that took place in the booth, which were well-received by the public. The Nikon booth at Photokina attracted more visitors than ever before.


At the central ‘brand cube’, numerous interactive exhibits enticed visitors to experience special product features, follow the evolution of various camera models and even become part of Nikon’s ‘I AM’ campaign. A touchscreen allowed visitors to take a selfie, add a personalised ‘I AM ...’ slogan, send it to the central wall through the pixel waterfall and have it also emailed to them.
Over 1,300 visitors participated.

160331 IAM GIF reduziert

The visitors themselves became part of the campaign and were happy to join in!

Christian Schmachtenberg,
Creative Director
Gestalt Communications


Behind the cubes

In this project, we coordinated a wide range of teams so that all media installations were up and running after just two days of work.


iF Communication Design Award