Paperstorm- Brainstorming Table

A solid idea developed into practical furniture for creative minds that premiered and received many awards under the name ‘Paperstorm’ at the design exhibition ‘The Design Annual’.

Casually developing ideas

As a table in a seating area, Paperstorm gives you the opportunity to think up and jot down the best ideas in a relaxing atmosphere. You simply write them on the table. Because it is entirely made of paper. Printed with limited designs by international artists, the simple table is both a delight to the eyes and to the touch.

Tons of paper

It all started with 3,000 large sheets of quality paper that we won for our office in a design competition. As there were no print projects in the pipeline at the agency, we quickly turned the gigantic stack of paper into a desk.
We love the thought that a table is ‘consumed’ over time – the opposite of the original concept of the table, which is actually stability, existence and something unchangeable.


ADC Award Finalist

ADC*E Award Gold

Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany Nomination

iF Product Design Award Gold