Shutterstock - Exhibition

We were one of the ten German design studios chosen by Shutterstock to contribute a free work to the exhibition ‘Analog Mensch Digital’. It was unveiled to the public alongside works from studios such as Deutsche & Japaner, Eike König and Fons Hickmann at the Direktorenhaus in Berlin.

Flows of pictures

We humans have always lived in our familiar, analogue environment. Only a relatively short time ago has the global, digital level been added, which influences us more and more.

The concept behind our work:
many parts of this world now have been photographed over thousands of times. These pictures, placed correctly, overlay our real habitat like a dense virtual network. What if these flows of pictures break through the real surface at various points and come to light?

Elastique. has created a clear and sensitive work that abstractly addresses the digital ‘flow of pictures’ currently flooding our world. A wonderful project!

Philippe Intraligi,
Design Director
Shutterstock New York


To create our artworks, we selected around 25 images of abstract surfaces and materials from Shutterstock. We printed 30,000 copies and placed them in the scenery.
Completely analogue.