Vaillant - ISH

Two highlight areas at the Vaillant booth at ISH were characterised entirely by interaction, enthusiasm, knowledge transfer and service. We were responsible for the design and implementation of the architectural touches, over to media displays and the final interactive exhibits.

Highlight areas

Green iQ

In the first highlight area, visitors were able to experience the new Green iQ product line: interactive exhibits with surprising operating concepts, extremely high-quality haptics and a virtual Oculus Rift joyride made them linger for much longer than usually. They were the perfect way for Vaillant staff and visitors to strike up a conversation.

Vaillant services

The second highlight area presented Vaillant services with a large-scale media installation. An extraordinarily large number of visitors saw the interactive applications on touch displays and tablets at this section.

Work 01 Vaillant ISH

Our new sub-brand Green iQ is paving the intelligent way to a green future. That is exactly how we wanted to present the theme at the exhibition. Elastique. made it possible for visitors to experience what we connect with Green iQ in an easy yet emotional way.

Robert Benda,
Head of Brand Communication
Vaillant GmbH

Green iQ promotional video

Light and lively

We also produced the promotional video for the launch of the new sub-brand Green iQ. It doesn’t only express the emotion of the new brand, but also explains the technical innovations that make a Vaillant product a Green iQ product. The video was rolled out in all international markets after the exhibition.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design

Sustainable usage concepts and sustainable design play an important role in our work. For our customers, this means that content and design concepts can be adapted and used more than once.

Sustainable use

After the exhibition, the ISH applications did not disappear into the night – they were reused by a wide range of markets. For example the Oculus Rift exhibit went on tour through Belgium. A miniature version of the main Green iQ exhibit was installed in the new Vaillant showroom in Vienna. The so-called ‘turning exhibit’ made its way to the Vaillant expo and was also used in digital form at smaller trade fairs. It finally became a responsive microsite on Vaillant’s international websites.