Vaillant - Product Communication

We have been conceptualising, designing and producing product communication videos and animations for Vaillant for a number of years now. We were also able to use the design principles developed in those projects to produce exhibits and media displays.

Emotional and entertaining

The goal of any production is to present the primary technical themes in an emotional way and give the applications a friendly, warm look. As part of animation projects we created a pool of design elements and principles that enabled us to produce videos quickly and efficiently without compromising on our high production quality. The videos and applications remain exciting and diverse nevertheless.

Besides these soft requirements, they meet the standards of a cost-effective, international roll-out. We've made this possible because the videos always work just on the text level without a voice over and therefor interactive applications are easy to localise.

Character design

Entertaining and clear

For special applications, we developed a character design that matches the brand values perfectly and can easily be used in international markets without clashing with cultural norms. The technical character design was developed in a way that it can be easily animated, being also cost-effective for usage in videos and applications.

WQuote 01 Vaillant MK

Music production

For the ears

To avoid rolling out silent videos in the countries we produced a set of songs. They were composed to not only transport various prevailing tones, but also to be exceptionally easy to adapt to the varying lengths of each video. Every song has an overriding modulated musical theme, ensuring that it can be easily recognised.

Interactive exhibits

From the digital world to the real one

We adapted design and haptics that were developed and refined in animation projects for exhibits and interactive applications. They can now be found at trade fairs and in showrooms.

Mostra Convegno Expocomfort

Vaillant presented an extremely scalable heating system at the Italian trade fair. We designed and produced an interactive exhibit in which the motion design elements merged seamlessly with a digital interface. Visitors could place miniature products on a touch table with object recognition and assemble heating systems of various sizes. Every action was accompanied by animations on a large media panel. After the trade fair, the installation was adapted for mobile use and toured a number of international markets.

Showroom in Vienna

We also installed exhibits in the new Vaillant showroom in Vienna with the tried-and-tested look and feel. Building on the charming and affable underlying message of the brand, we also developed a central scenographic element – the Vaillant egg. Derived from the logo of the family-run company, it is both an eye-catcher and a media element.

160401 Showroom 02