Vodafone – Cebit

Fascinating content built on pure aesthetics. Synchronized with a light sculpture by WHITEvoid, our media display - positioned on five LED pillars - formed the framework of the entire Vodafone booth.

Highlight loop

The so called highlight loop fascinated the visitors every 15 minutes. Abstract visuals and an atmospheric sound design convey the central message of Vodafone at Cebit: the GigaNet network for Germany, which Vodafone is using to introduce new speeds and services.

A project for our long-standing partner Service Factory

Initial pencil sketches of abstract visuals


The visualisations set the scene for the new, faster network speeds and present the Audi and Vodafone ‘Mission to the Moon’. This project in which a lunar rover will be sent to the moon will build the first LTE network in space.

We developed a fragmented design from the outset in order to optimise the visualisations on the five LED panels from all angles in spite of various parallax shifts. Each LED panel displays deliberately staggered cuts that always create a large full image when viewed at large.

Quote SF VF Cebit 05 Platzhalter

Light sculpture by WHITEvoid